Monday, November 26, 2007

Just about ready to mail off box for 'the kids'.

I finished the last sweater set, and still have a pair of socks to finish and then the box for 'the kids' will be ready to mail off. I will not be able to send another box until after the New Year, as I need to finish up my personal Chrismas knitting. The box will contain 5 sweater sets (all of the sweaters are pictured here on my blog), 2 pairs of socks, and a couple caps, all in 100% wool. What a blessing it's been to do this knitting for 'the kids', and I'm going to try to always have a box in the process of being filled for them, and try to always have something on my needles for them.


Ariel said...

Wilma, you are a blessing!!!

Big hug!!!!!

JoLynn said...


Thanks for the great parcel for CIC.

Jakki said...

Luv the sweater sets!