Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Pair Of Socks Finished

I finished another pair of socks. They are my version of the daydreamer socks . The pattern is a free download at ravelry. I'm very happy with them. The daydreamer stitch is:

Round 1: *P1, YO, SSK, K2TOG, YO, P1* - repeat this six stitch pattern around.

Rounds 2, 3, and 4: *P1, K4, P1* - repeat this six stitch pattern around.

It was a very easy pattern to memorize.
So here's how I got it to work with my toe up sock formula. It's a 6 stitch pattern repeat, so using my 'pattern', I increased to a total of 56 stitches when doing my toe increases, (56 is my usual number for socks). Since half (figuring for the instep stitches) of 56 is 28 and the pattern is a six stitch repeat, I had a remainder of 4 stitches.... 6 x 4 = 24 + 4 extra stitches = 28 .... so I began and ended my pattern rows with a k2 so that I had the right number of stitches for the six stitch pattern. Does this make sense? In doing this you can get just about any pattern stitch you want to work with my instructions. You just have to work around the numbers a little bit. :)

Anyway, I finished these socks Sunday in the car on our way home from the
Women Of Faith
retreat that was in Billings (MT) last weekend. What a GREAT time we had. :)
It was great to spend the weekend with Kris, Joyce and Elaine. :)
I just love those gals!!


Ariel said...

Those are soooooo very pretty!!

Dawn said...

You make some really pretty socks Wilma! :)

Wilma said...

Thanks you guys! :)