Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Eyelet ZigZag Sock pattern.....

Here is another pair of socks I just completed.
I named them "Another Eyelet ZigZag Sock" because they are a take-off on my
Eyelet ZigZag socks.
To make these socks, I used my basic pattern using a chart for the 28 stitch pattern stitch.
The yarn is Opal sock yarn. I'm not real happy with the yarn. You pay a pretty good price for Opal yarn, and the color pattern matched pretty good until I got above the heel, and then it went all haywire from there.
There were also several knots in the yarn. If I'm going to pay that kind of price for yarn, I want to get good quality.
Oh well......No one sees the cuffs usually anyway, as my jeans cover them unless I'm sitting down. My feet show pretty good because of the Birkies I usually wear. :)
I'm still looking for clear Crocs to show off my socks. I have wide feet, so need something that comes in a wide size.

I do love making socks....and especially toe up socks!

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Virginia said...

Wilma, I want to thank you for your toe up sock patterns. I've downloaded your basic pattern and two zigzag eyelet patterns, and I will start one of them in the next few minutes.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent, experience, and hard work.

I hope something really nice happens to you today!