Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Montana Good Morning!

Yesterday when I went for my walk, I remembered to take my camera and here are a few of the pictures I took.

It was a beautiful morning, and just the perfect temperature for a walk. It was nice to see all the bales of hay out in the field. Terry has worked hard again this year getting the hay up, and the cows and horse will reap the benefits of his hard work next winter.

Next week will be stamping class again, so I will have to begin working on that. For now I've been knitting, and I have the back of my green sweater completed and am working on the front. I have also started a prayer shawl for a friend. As I knit on the shawl I try to remember to pray for her and for her family. It is a blessing to me to do this, and I hope she will enjoy the shawl, and that she can feel the prayers going up for her. :)
Today I have to take my car in and get new tires put on it. Next week I have to go to Billings for a Dr appt, so the new tires are coming at just the right time. I am also having lunch at the park with my dear friend Nettie, so I had better get my morning walk done and then get in the shower so I can get to town. :)

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