Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hummingbirds and more.....

I made these hummingbirds yesterday and have them listed at my Etsy store.
I also listed this sheep family at my Etsy store.
There is a baby sister, a big brother, a momma, and a daddy sheep.
They make me smile! :)

I was able to spend the entire day yesterday playing with clay!
It was so much fun, but today after church I had to do some laundry and then I did
some knitting. I need to give my hands a rest, as the clay hurts my thumbs.

Brown and white sheep

Small dolphins
Tomorrow I have to go to town and mail out packages. Then I will go
to Joyce's and knit with her and Lainey, and will probably have lunch with them.
It is supposed to be cold tomorrow, and we're expecting more snow.
Can you believe that it was 75 degrees yesterday, and last night we had
thunder and lightening like you wouldn't believe. WEIRD weather!

I hope to dye some roving tomorrow after I get home. I miss spinning, and don't have
anything on my one wheel. I do have some cotton on the Lendrum wheel, and will resume working on it. Spinning cotton is way different than spinning wool.

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