Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Stamping class....

Jodi has been doing the craft for me each month, and this month we did a really neat scrapbook page. :)

Since class was on March 20, (the first day of spring), I decided to do a Spring card.

Each month I try to do a Masculine Card, and this is the one we did this month.

We also did an Easter Card.

Last but not least, this is our Christmas Card for the month. It's all glittery, but you can't see that in the scan.

We have stamp class again in two weeks. (YIKES)! We've been off schedule all year so far, and I'm trying to get us back to the 1st or 2nd Friday of the month....and the 2nd Friday in April is Good Friday, so we went with the 1st Friday.
Anyway....that's what class was this month.
I've not been very faithful about posting class stuff, and will try to be better.

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