Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Little Bags.....

I've been busy working on bags for the past couple of weeks.
These adorable Big Little Bags, made by me, are the perfect little bags for
someone (like me) who doesn't like to carry a large bag. They have a
zipper front, a pocket on the back, nice long straps, and are
quilted. They are 'no frills' cute little bags, and I absolutely love
mine. I am able to carry my ID, Credit Cards, Cell Phone, Pack of Gum,
Dental Floss, Ink Pen, Hand Sanitizer, and Money in my bag with room to
spare should I need to throw in my MP3 player or something else small.
It's perfect to carry alone (as I do), or put into a larger bag should
you wish to carry more stuff.
My 16 year old grandaughter saw mine last weekend and said that it was a bag
that she would actually use!
I have 3 of them listed at my Etsy Shop, which can be found here:
Feel free to go and take a look. :)
I'm thinking I will design some to make to attatch to walkers for donations at the rest homes.

OK....back to sock knitting. :) I have a couple different pairs of socks on the needles, and would
like to get them done as I have another design in my head that I want to try. :)

No rest for the wicked!! *grins*

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