Friday, February 5, 2010

Dreaming of Spring Toe-Up Socks

I completed another sock design tonight.
These are my "Dreaming Of Spring Toe-Up Socks"
I uploaded the pattern here:
Indeed....I am dreaming of spring. I am sick of winter,
and we have more snow coming this weekend.

The heel on these socks is slightly different, as I used a heel stitch
up the center of the heel.
I hope the pattern can be understood, as I had a hard time
coming up with instructions on how I did the heel.


Susan said...

beautiful as always!!!!! and you always pick such pretty colors for your yarn

Geraldine said...

what's the gauge for this pattern? it looks lovely.

Amybel said...

Very nice design! I too am dreaming of spring.

Wilma said...

The gauge is 8 stitches per inch. Pretty basic with what the yarn pkg says.:)

Dawn said...

Love this one too Wilma!!! :O)
You're so talented!

Judy said...

I just started these, but I am Dreaming of Winter. They are the perfect project for our 100 degree weather. Nicely written pattern, so easy to follow. Glad to have my toes up!