Thursday, February 4, 2010


I finished weaving my pink bag (it's a PERFECT knitting bag...I LOVE IT!) and have started a turquoise one now. :) I only have a little over 6" done on the turquoise, but it's coming out really pretty. The 'bumps' you can see at the bottom are from the knots where I tied my warp threads. Once I get more done, those bumps shouldn't show.
I have roving on one spinning wheel, and singles plying on the other.
I have a new sock design on the needles. :)


Monica said...

Hi there! Your work is so beautiful .. thanks for sharing it with us. Just wanted to let you know (though I know you are already aware of it)that you have a fabulous daughter Kris! I work with her in Vital Stats (am actually her lead worker) and have really enjoyed getting to know her. She brings a uplifting positive presence to the office! More later! -- Monica

Wilma said...

Thank you Monica. I agree with you....Kris is and always has been my sunrise and sunset....I cherish her!.... and I am so happy she has made such good friends there among her co-workers. She loves her job, and she loves working with you all. OH...and she adores your little girl! (After seeing pictures of you little angel, I can see why)! Thanks for leaving a message! I appreciate it.

Monica said...

Hugs right back to you! Would love to spend time with you the next time you are in town. Yeah, we've got a tight knit bunch at work ... tis nice to be more than just coworkers, but friends. Fiona is a cutie! Can't imagine my life without her, as I know you can't without Kris. Love your spring socks!! :) Monica