Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Spring Toe Up Socks

I am so ready for Spring, so that's why I named this design "Sweet Spring"!
This really has been a tough winter for us, and I think we're all ready for spring!
I love spring....the new life, and green grass, and trees budding out...tulips, and
apple blossoms. I can hardly wait. We haven't seen dry ground since before Christmas, and we still have about 8" of snow on the ground where we live.

The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll.
The pattern can be found here:
If you find any errors in the pattern, please let me know.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I *Heart* Socks Toe Up Socks

I have been sick. I mean, I've really been sick. Waaaaahhhh....
I've coughed up both lungs in the past 6 days, and have breathed so much steam that I feel waterlogged. *sighs and blows a couple bubbles*
Sooooooo....what can you do when you feel like c**p?
You KNIT, of course!!
I designed these socks just in time for Valentine's Day.
The pattern can be found here.
The colors in this yarn reminded me of chocolates, and red roses, and caramels....Yum!
So I decided that it needed to be made into Valentine's Socks.
The yarn is TY-DY SOCKS, and the color is #1289
Very pretty yarn!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dreaming of Spring Toe-Up Socks

I completed another sock design tonight.
These are my "Dreaming Of Spring Toe-Up Socks"
I uploaded the pattern here:
Indeed....I am dreaming of spring. I am sick of winter,
and we have more snow coming this weekend.

The heel on these socks is slightly different, as I used a heel stitch
up the center of the heel.
I hope the pattern can be understood, as I had a hard time
coming up with instructions on how I did the heel.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I finished weaving my pink bag (it's a PERFECT knitting bag...I LOVE IT!) and have started a turquoise one now. :) I only have a little over 6" done on the turquoise, but it's coming out really pretty. The 'bumps' you can see at the bottom are from the knots where I tied my warp threads. Once I get more done, those bumps shouldn't show.
I have roving on one spinning wheel, and singles plying on the other.
I have a new sock design on the needles. :)