Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finishing up WIP's! What a good feeling!

I plied some of the yarn I had spun up,
and I have the coral yarn balled and ready to will be socks!
I have a knit top that this yarn will match perfectly. :)

This cranberry yarn (below) is sooooooooo yummy! It will also be socks.
Both yarns are Merino soft, and the colors are so vibrant!
I love, love, love this cranberry color!


I have completed all of my sock WIP's.
That's a GREAT feeling, since these green ones below have been cast on for
several weeks now, but I kept working on other things!
Now I can start some more socks tomorrow!
I will cast on the coral yarn (above) in the morning. :)

It's such a feeling of accomplishment to get some of these
socks done that have been sitting on the needles for ages.

This is my second post for today.
Man, I'm just getting so much done!
Terry should have retired sooner.
I'm lovin' having him at home!

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Dawn said...

Gorgeous Wilma!! :)