Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spinnin' Wheel Goes Round 'n Round.....

I got it!! My new spinning wheel is here and put together and sitting in the living room. I love it. It's so purdy!! I actually spun up some yarn on it last night and then plied it. I know, I's 'supposed' to be for Christmas, but do you REALLY think I could wait that long? *teehee* I love the way the wheel looks in my living room. The 'feel' is different than with my Lendrum wheel. The Lendrum is scotch tension and this one is double drive, so I'm sure that makes a difference in the feel of the wheel, but I'm a firm believer that it's good to learn new things. If I were to compare the 2 wheels, I would have to say the Lendrum runs more smoothly and is quieter. I find it easier to spin on the Lendrum, but that may be because I'm used to it. I'll get used to the Kromski too! And the Kromski is purdy, purdy, purdy! LOL It's spinning really nice singles, and it plied a nice 2 ply sock all in all, I'm very, very happy.
I love both of my wheels.