Saturday, January 10, 2009

Caps, Cards, and Ice.

I completed a couple more caps for Pam. This is my own pattern, and I've very pleased with the way these caps turned out. I made up a PDF of the pattern if anyone wants it.

I received some chemo caps in the mail yesterday for my friend, Pam.
Thank you Ariel, Mona, and MJ! Pam's going to love them. I know with this frigid weather her head gets very cold. Your loving gifts will help to keep her nice and warm. :)
THANKS AGAIN......and God bless you, sweet friends!!

Last night was stamp class, and here's the cards we made. The pink and white floral card is glittery, but it doesn't show up. The Valentine card is copper embossed. The Christmas card is all glitter. The masculine card is pretty plain and basically the only one that actually looks like it really does in the picture. We had a small class last night, but it was fun.

These pictures don't even begin to show what it looks like outside. We had about a foot or 2 of snow, and then we had a day that caused some thawing, and that night it rained. The pastures are all a glare of ice. I thought my eyes weren't focusing right when I first saw it, and Terry said the same thing. But it's the sheen of ice reflecting the poles and hills. It's like a huge white lake. Just beautiful!!

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