Friday, January 16, 2009

Red Heart Heart and Sole Sock Yarn

I just finished these socks the other night. They are made with Red Heart 'Heart and Sole' Sock Yarn. I like the yarn itself all right, but was very unhappy because when I started the yarn from the center pull it came out in several pieces. Several pieces were about 6 inches long, and then there was a piece that was about 18 inches long, and another piece that was about 3 yards long. These pieces were just stuffed down into the center of the skein like they were an afterthought to make the weight of the skein right. Fortunately I have small feet and never use a full skein of yarn, but I wasn't happy with the way all of those pieces came out of the center of my skein of yarn. Then it took me another several yards of yarn to find the match to the pattern so that I could begin my socks. No one wants to have knots in the middle of their socks, and I'm not sure that when I get my stash of Red Heart sock yarn used up I'll ever buy it again. It all left me with a bad feeling toward the company.

I contacted Red Heart about the yarn and they replaced it for me. So I'm feeling better. :)

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JakkiMitch said...

I've used this same yarn. No problems with it.

I'd use Heart & Sole again. But, I'm not happy with the color selection at my local Crafters Big Box store.