Monday, January 12, 2009

Charity knitting.

Here's a preemie cap and bootie set I knit over the weekend.
They are so cute. I have a friend who had 2 preemie babies, and so I had her help me with sizing. She said I could make them even smaller, as one of her babies was 2 lb 5 oz, and was
15 1/2 inches long, and this set would have been too big for her!

My sweet friend Susan sent me some chemo caps for Pam.
Look at all these great caps!! Pam will have a nice warm head now! I can't wait to drop off all the caps I have for her. :) She's going to be so surprised. I think I have something like 13 for her now, plus I've already given her a couple. So that makes at least 15 caps that she will have. She shouldn't have to worry about laundering them every day just so she will have one to wear. I mean, when you're doing chemo, who is going to feel like doing laundry all the time?

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